Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Sketchover!

Lots of car sketches, weekly challenges, CCS circlejerk - this should be fun.

Right now the idea for challenges is to pick 1) type of vehicle, 2) brand, and 3) inspiration independently of each other, and then - you guessed it - sketch! New challenges every week, let's get those sketchbooks filled up!

Post as much work as you like, comment on other people's sketches, and have fun! I might need to make up some rules after Merrill makes a post or two, but let's stay on topic and keep it civil.

WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: minivan || Lancia || tortoise

Let's do this!


  1. i want to get in on this!! add me plz!

  2. Carlos, I need your email. Post it here or send me a facebook message.

  3. Weee! I miss the black layout :'( was cozy. lol it's fine though. I can't wait to put something up on here! Now I'm assuming that you post pictures from that eblogger page, and not here?

  4. Mike, if you're signed in, there should just be a "New Post" button at top right of the blog. Definitely don't put sketches in comments, make posts. Everything should pretty self-explanatory, but I can show you some time on campus.